It Was an Okay Day

by Real $lim Katie

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Just waking up in the morning I’m a walking meme
I don’t know but I gotta blow off some steam
Sit back with your coffee, only one cream
Run the bath, hit something, Ima daydream

Bout to get my grub on, bout to pig out
Finally got the call yeah ya girl ordered takeout
(Whassup?) PC Dukes to my door cuz I got the do’
still haven’t gotten those loans paid for…

I gotta go cuz I got ta watch me some Chopped
And on commercial, gotta clean the crumbs I dropped

Had to stop at a red light
What you lookin at? im sippin on sprite
everything is subpar
Dedicated to the game, yeah tat me Harry’s scar
Called up the homies and I’m askin guys
Two papers due tmr, can u revise?
Gotta turn them in or I’m in trouble
But shouldn’t stay for long, can’t miss the daily double
Freaking haters everywhere, Ima slay
I gotta say today was an ok day

Drove to the pad and hit the showers
Climate change is real can’t take more than a hour
Cause just yesterday I saw some fools choppin trees
Smoke that ish instead dog ur wasting leaves
No messin, Donald Trump won’t mention it in his election
Rsk for prez, stay flexing
Went to lil b’s pad he said snoops coming, lets rap
We rapped and then we napped
Shake em up chop em up stir them up beat em
Roll em in some cheese and oh boy yeah watch me eat em
go to seven, seven eleven, seven eleven
Seven Yeah work it queen slurpie hoe
I picked up the cash flow
Then i went to walmart to get me cookie dough
Besides isnt Salmonella child's play?
Gotta say Today was an ok day

Left my buddys house in braids
Gotta clean my room shit popped off, grenade
Its ironic, rsks beats be supersonic but gotta study
s/o hooked on phonics

I sat on my big fat fanny
Comfy in my jammies chomping on all the candy
But my cat cute so cute
So cute but damn Goose, move!

She woke me up around four
Shit got me tight, feel my rath Goose, ROAR.

Drove 6 hrs to the pad Goshen
Got Tina’s in my lap u know I’m coasting
I was glad everything had worked out
But this sugar rush got rsk blackout

Today was like one of those fever dreams
Still waiting on a response for one of my homemade memes…
Hey At least no one committed murder
Ya girl got the cheddar call me Feinberger
you write on my gravestone….
“rsks a wimp”
Maybe so, but I’m just starting up
300 views? Damn, ya girls really blowing up
Today I didn’t even have to listen to the fray
I gotta say it was an okay day


released April 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Real $lim Katie Goshen, New York

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